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Tee-Ball Clinic Ages 3-4

Recreational Baseball for Garner, NC

Our Mission

At Garner Sports League Baseball, we believe that baseball is an underserved but incredibly rewarding sport in our community. Our mission is to bridge this gap by offering a fantastic option for boys and girls to come out, play, and have a blast on the baseball field.

Welcome to Garner Sports League Baseball, your premier destination for recreation baseball in Garner, North Carolina. Established in 1995, we have been dedicated to providing a fun and inclusive environment for young athletes to embrace the joy of baseball.

Why Choose Garner Sports League Baseball?
  • Inclusive Environment: We strive to create an inclusive space where boys and girls of all skill levels can thrive and enjoy the sport.

  • Fun-Focused: Baseball is not just a game for us; it's an experience. We prioritize fun and camaraderie while building essential skills on the field.

  • Community Engagement: Beyond the game, we actively engage with the Garner community, fostering connections that go beyond the baseball field.

Whether your child is a seasoned player or a first-time participant, Garner Sports League Baseball welcomes all. Join us in the pursuit of athletic excellence, teamwork, and the pure joy of playing baseball. Explore our programs, meet our dedicated coaches, and be a part of the thriving baseball community in Garner.

Let's play ball!

Join us on the Baseball Journey

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What to Expect and Additional Information

Season Kick-Off

  • Opening Day: Get ready for an exciting season kick-off on April 6, 2024! Opening Day promises fun, camaraderie, and the thrill of baseball.

Regular Season

  • 10 Games of Intense Baseball Action: Dive into the heart of the competition with a 10-game regular season filled with intense and thrilling baseball action.


  • Coaches will select when their team practices based on available open practice slots. Our fields have to accommodate usage from a large number of teams across several age groups. We do not assign practice slots or develop game schedules until registration is complete. With seasonal variance in registrations, the final number of teams needing to be scheduled in each division is not known until our final registration numbers are in.

    Once games start, teams lose their weeknight practice slot as games are held on weeknights. Games and practices can be held on any weeknight and game nights may vary from week to week.

Game Details

  • Game Duration: Games will have varying durations, ensuring each age group enjoys an appropriately paced and thrilling baseball experience (65 minutes for Tee Ball, 70 minutes for Coach Pitch, and 80 minutes for Kid Pitch).


  • Team Snap for All League Updates and Scheduling: Stay in the loop! Team Snap will be the go-to platform for all league updates, scheduling details, and communication with coaches and teammates.

Age Group Breakdowns

  • 3&4 Clinics: Designed for 3-4-year-olds (must turn 3 on or before 3/31/24) with sessions once a week on Saturdays, and no practices during the week.

  • Tee Ball: Tailored for 5-6-year-olds (must not turn 7 on or before 5/1/24). Games are 65 minutes.

  • Coach Pitch: Geared for 7-8-year-olds (must turn 9 on or before 5/1/24).

  • Kid Pitch: Targeted for 9-15-year-olds (10u, 12u - Age cutoff 5/1/24).

Player Evaluations

  • Date: Join us on February 18th for player evaluations. It's a fantastic opportunity for our coaches to assess skills and ensure a balanced and enjoyable season for all.

Team Formation

  • Draft Timing: Teams are drafted about a month before each season, with drafts in March for Spring and August for Fall.

Season Details

  • Spring Season Opening Day: The first Saturday in April, weather permitting.

  • Fall Season Games Start: The week of or the week after Labor Day, depending on the division.

  • Season Duration: Typically lasts 8-10 weeks, adjusting for weather and makeup games.

Competitive Opportunities

  • Tournaments: Garner Sports League prides itself on providing competitive opportunities.

  • Selection: Each Spring, players in various age groups/divisions may be selected for tournament teams.

  • Variability: Divisions for tournaments vary yearly based on interest and competition availability.

Bat Standards

  • Recreational Baseball: All metal and composite bats must have the USA Baseball stamp or be made of solid wood. More Information: Visit

Registration Fees and Insurance

  • Coverage: Registration fees cover various expenses for league success including insurance, charter fees, equipment, umpire fees, and other league costs.

  • Jerseys and Caps: Generally covered by league sponsors.

  • Insurance Policies: Garner Sports League carries policies for accidents, general liability, and crime insurance.

Contact Information

  • Questions: Contact the league for additional information.

  • Facebook: @GarnerSportsLeague

  • Email: Use our contact form or call us at 919-779-2499.


Garner Sports League is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, that heavily relies on sponsorships/donations to continue serving youth sports in our community. Please consider partnering with us or making a donation.